Monday, November 27, 2006

As we look at history and our world today, we see that rulers and nations quickly rise and fall. This can leave us feeling very insecure and vulnerable. But the kingdom of Christ is different. It's eternal; it will never fall or come to an end. And this knowledge can fill us with peace. You can hear this message at

This host has, on occasion, went down for a period of time. So I'll also list an alternate link for the message. You can also hear it at

Friday, November 24, 2006

Quite often, when we come into hard times, we get angry at God, curse him, or even lose faith in him. In this message, based on Job 1:21, we see how Job responded to adversity and why we can be thankful even during difficult circumstances. This was our Thanksgiving message at Grace. You can hear it at

An alternate link for this message is

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Considering the fact that we just had an election, and considering how the people of this country, even Christians, act toward our government leaders, I felt that last Sunday's message was too important to just let it go. So I took a little time and re-recorded it. In the second recording, where no one was listening to me, I did talk a bit faster. Hopefully that's not a problem. But the bright side is that it won't take as long to listen to! You can hear this message at

An alternate link for this message is

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I can't believe it! Today, not only did the church sound system, which produces good quality recordings, fail. So too did my little portable recorder (I put in new batteries only to find out they were dead). So today's message is lost, unless I can find some way to recover it.

To give you something new to listen to, I've uploaded a sermon from December 26, 2004. Death is something that's feared by most people, even by believers in Jesus. So is it possible for us to depart in peace? We find out how in this message based on Luke 2:25-32. It can be heard at An alternate link for this message is

Monday, November 13, 2006

Our message this week was based on Jeremiah 2:1-13. In our society today, so many people reject God or turn away from him. Has he given us reason for this? According to our text, God's done everything necessary to provide for us. We also find that, if we turn from him, if we reject him, we reject life. It can be heard at An alternate link for this message is

Monday, November 06, 2006

This week at Grace we had a guest speaker from FaithSearch Ministries. His name is Pastor Denny McKeever. His presentation was great, however it was requested that we not record or distribute his teaching. But I would encourage you to check out their website at

I preached at Redeemer and delivered a message about prayer. We all know how important prayer is in the believer's life. But we sometimes get discouraged when it seems that our prayers are not being answered and we lose heart. What does Jesus teach about such circumstances? You can hear the message at An alternate link to this message is

Since Redeemer doesn't have a sound system, I had to use a portable recorder, so, once again, the sound quality isn't as good as my other messages. But I hope the message itself will encourage you.