Monday, January 13, 2014

After getting a new computer in our sound booth, it's taken a while to adjust and to figure everything out.  So, here's this week's sermon, along with several from advent 2013.

It's easy for us to feel that evil might win the day.  It often seems that those who oppose Christ might somehow put a stop to his work of salvation.  However, as we see in the Christmas story, there's no stopping him.  This message can be heard or downloaded at

On December 22, we looked at why the virgin birth of Christ is so important.  In fact, we saw why it was necessary.  This message can be found at

On December 15, we talked about doubt.  We all have times of doubt when it comes to Jesus.  How can we be sure that he is the Savior?  This message can be found at

On December 8, we looked at Jesus, and what he came to accomplish.  We learned that, through him, we become the children of God.  And this is his work, not our own.  This message can be found at