Monday, January 28, 2008

Jesus offers us many wonderful blessings, yet many people refuse them because of the call placed on their life. When we look to Scripture we find that the Christian life is a life of sacrifice. When Jesus calls us, he calls us to leave behind all that we value, all that's important to us in this life, and to follow him. This message can be heard at

Our children's message for this week is also available to hear or download. In it we hear that we've been called to carry the gospel to all who don't know Jesus. We're to do it right here and to the ends of the earth. You can find it at

Sunday, January 20, 2008

We often say that children are a blessing, but our attitude shows otherwise. We view them, at best, as a choice and, at worst, as an inconvenience. But, according to Scripture, children are a blessing. And as such, they should not be refused. This message can be heard at

We also uploaded our children's message this week where Molly talked to the kids about different places they can pray. It can be heard at

Monday, January 14, 2008

Here in our society, we've become very skeptical of the miraculous and of the power of God. Even though, in the Christian faith, we confess that God is all-powerful, we don't believe that God can work in our lives or in our world. We've been trained to trust only that which can be seen or proven scientifically. But in Daniel 3 we see a great example of faith in God's power and that he can, in fact, do anything. Because of this, we can confidently approach God with our needs, knowing that he has the ability to help. This message can be heard at

Monday, January 07, 2008

The real world, for us, is a world of problems and pain. A perfect life, a life of ease, is the stuff of fairy tales. However, in Scripture we receive a great hope. In the end, the suffering of the people of God will be over. They will live in a perfect place, a place free of pain and suffering. This, then, will be the real world. This message can be heard or downloaded at: