Monday, March 02, 2015

Yesterday, as we continued our look at major Bible stories, we talked again about Abraham.  And we looked specifically at: Abraham's Faith Tested.  We saw how God commanded him to sacrifice his son, the son of the promise, and how Abraham was able to do so.  From this, we saw that our actions are a direct response to our faith.  We saw that, if we have faith within our heart, it will be expressed in our life.  To stream or download the audio file, click on the link.

This past Wednesday, Pastor Nate continued our series on the Passion history by looking at Judas' Betrayal.  Again, for the audio, click on the link.

We held our annual men's conference on Saturday, with Pastor Jonathan Unverzagt.  Our focus was on passing the faith to the next generation.  Session 1 can be downloaded at this link.  Session 2 is found here.  And Session 3 is here.

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